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MIYF was founded by Miss Mandana Sharifi, the CEO of PR & Productions Firm ​MIYF received its 501(c)3 Not For Profit  charity status in 1998 Florida (N98000004117 under Florida Dept Of Business & Professional Regulations. We were next awarded charitable status on the island of Bermuda in Dec 11 2001 (Reg #610). Next was awarded UK charitable status on Aug 16 2011. We brought our ‘Stop The Violence’ campaign to Bermuda in Dec 30 2010 featured in the Royals Gazette Bermuda prior to the London Riots in Aug 6-11 2011 when Miss Sharifi through her strategic plan give UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron the winning formula to stop the violence within 2 days of broadcasting it on TV. Mandana was given the nick name of ‘The Quiet Storm’ for quickly and quietly putting in place a common sense strategic formula. Our Founder was appointed by chief of Police Bath UK to Chair the local PACT Forum (Oct 2010- Feb 2013) The PACT Panel consist of local Police and Gov officials with the aim to listen & respond to local community’s concerns. Miss Sharifi’s goals are to have a PACT Forum chapter in every community either via online or in person. SPONSOR a MIYF Kid, MIYF MASTERCLASS, MIYF CLINIC or MIYF Event today!