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 MIYF GOOFY GOLF INVITATIONAL: Past annual MIYF Goofy Golf Tournament fundraiser was endorsed and attended by the legendary ChiLites together with the local Bermuda residents and dignitaries. The reason for the name MIYF GOOFY GOLF is because only one golf ball will be assigned to each team of four that must consist of two youths and two adults. Corporations & Individuals are encouraged to get involved for the 2019 MIYF GOOFY GOLF Invitational.

 MIYF CELEBRITY POLO FUNDRAISER: The celebrity fundraiser to be announced in Summer 2019!.

 PLANET MIYF: Past MIYF event attended by NBA's Chauncey Billups and Johnny Taylor at Planet Hollywood, Orlando FL in 2000 where the MIYF Kids performed original tracks for the celebrities and the guests. Look out for really exciting developments for Planet MIYF TV programming in 2019!

 STOP THE VIOLENCE: The 2nd Annual MIYF 'Stop The Violence' Awareness Campaign was held in Bermuda on Dec 30th 2010 and we urge your community to get involved with the next debate via our next PACT Forum. For more details log onto